Roon MQA issues

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

RPi4 with Ropieee XL connected via USB to a DDC Gustard U18, then Gustard U18 to Gustard A22 Pro MQA via I2S.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon shows me the path in full decoding MQA but Gustard A22 Pro MQA shows me only 88Khz PCM. Why?



This site….

Suggests that MQA is only supported via the Optical, AES/EBU input…

With Roon performing the MQA decode, Roon will be outputting at x2 rate (88k2 / 96k).

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No, just tried both and it’s the same

Maybe you can share your signal path, device settings and DSP settings (if in use)?

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No dsp settings

As can be seen from your signal path, Roon is sending the unprocessed MQA FLAC stream to your Ropieee device where it is sent via USB to some Gustard device. The full decoding happens on the Gustard device(s). You may want to consult the manual or ask Gustard support about what is or should be shown on its display when (properly?) processing MQA.


AFAIK some MQA only unfolds to 88kHz.

The source file is FLAC 44.1kHz 24bit MQA 44.1kHz, so what you’re seeing is correct for that file. 44.1kHz is always unfolded to 88.2kHz.

Gustard A22 Pro is a Mqa full decoder

I am pretty sure that display on the DAC is incorrect. It shouldn’t be showing the 88.2 rate as a properly certified MQA DAC. It should be showing MQA related information and not raw bit rates.

My Gustard X16 displays MQA 88.2 when playing a Tidal MQA 88.2 stream. Does not show PCM.

Out of curiosity, what about MQA 44.1?

I’m not finding any. I should explain that I no longer subscribe to Tidal premium, for some reason I’m still able to stream some albums still as MQA, mostly ones that I had saved in my library prior to downgrading my Tidal subscription.

It is what the DAC displays that concerns me. But MQA and the target resolution is what should be displayed. That isn’t what the above photo’s posted by the OP appear to show.

What the photos imply is that the U18 interface (XMOS XU216) does the unfold to 88.2 kHz (PCM 88.2 kHz out) and sends that to the A22 DAC via I2S (PCM 88.2 kHz in).

Note: What the manufacturer support writes about MQA capabilities of this DAC …


Could the OP @Gianluca_Schiavone try MQA with different sample rates?

The lights on my Meridian Prime indicate MQA and properly indicate if 44.1/48 (1X) or 88.2/96 (2X) or 176.4/192 (4X). This is with Roon MQA decoding turned off. Playing through RPi4 Roon bridge to DAC.

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This is what I see with AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt that does 24/96 (renderer) and with Roon decoding turned on playing through RPi4 Roon bridge.

This is using Roon on Dell XPS 15 with direct USB connection to Meridian Prime.

So, Roon thinks it is talking to a DAC but is actually talking to a digital to digital interface which shouldn’t be MQA compliant. Even if it is, the DAC is only MQA via its USB input.