Roon much slower since build 880? Just me?

Anyone else experiencing this: Roon has become so much slower since build 880. When I skip a track, it often takes seconds for the next one to start. When I do a search, it also takes longer than before. When I go to my home screen, again, it takes seconds to load.
Nothing in my setup has changed: MacMini Core, everything wired, Ropieee endpoint, mainly Qobuz tracks, 10.000 tracks in my library. Same remotes as before (iPhone + Windows desktop PC & laptop) and the same problem on all of them.

Have you restarted Roon Server app or rebooted your core since the latest update? That often fixes issues like this one.

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I did. It helps. But I still think it is too slow. But that’s maybe my old MacMini which is to blame.

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