Roon newbie : Qobuz streaming/Roon Core choice :)

Hello all,
Seems to be a great community here :wink:
(sorry for my english, it’s not my language)

I listen my music exclusively by streaming with Qobuz (subscription Sublime+ hires/cd files). No NAS, no local files, for the moment :wink:
I would like to try Roon to pilot my Qobuz account.
A Metrum Ambre will be the Roon Endpoint.
With my previous streaming bridge (Auralic Aries) I didn’t need a computer in my hifi system, because its software (lightning ds) includes Qobuz. So there was just the Auralic connected by ethernet to my internet box, and then to my DAC by aes/ebu.
With the Ambre connected to my DAC and Roon, I need to add a device as a Roon Core (the Roon Remote will be an iPad).
I am not a computer guy, I would rather use a plug&play solution, but I do care of the SQ :wink:
So I would like your opinion on the best solution for the choice of a Roon Core :

  • I can start by using my Macbook Air as the Roon Core. It can communicates with the Ambre by wifi, ok for SQ ?
  • I could invest in a Nucleus Roon … probably simple but a that’s a budget :smiley: (maybe possible later)
  • Or should I built a NUC with ROCK, connected by ethernet on my network ? but then, I need help …
  • Or another option I do not know ?
    According to you, for the best balance easy to use / sound quality, what should I choose as a Roon Core?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I’ll answer one question: the Nucleus is a “turnkey NUC ROCK” with a beautiful skin; or, the NUC is a DIY Nucleus. Functionally, they are virtually identical (although the Nucleus does have additional connection functionality to third party hardware).

I’ve been around computers a while, but never built one until Roon. I bought the component parts, loaded the software, and saved about US$1,000, maybe more. It has behaved marvelously (I went with the i7) and have never regretted it. The instructions are straightforward in the KB, and people here will be able to lend a hand if needed. Oh, check youTube for any NUC or ROCK videos.

But, I certainly understand the appeal of a Nucleus option. I would probably have still built a ROCK, but the plug and play option has its appeal.

Thanks John !
Could you give me some links for the NUC DIY ?

It took me about half an hour to get a NUC running ROCK ready and working.

It really is simple, I just had one hiccup: I started out using my TV as a monitor for the setup. This didn’t work too well: couldn’t get the bios settings to display. Had to move to my office to connect the NUC to a computer monitor to configure the bios.

My TV is quite old (over 10 years), so the HDMI connections were probably of too old a standard but other than that… I’d go for NUC + ROCK.

Have fun.

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