Roon no longer connects to NAS

Sonictransporter Roon COre
Roon App used on Mac Mini M1 (16gb ram, MAC os Montery 12.2.1

Bell Fiber Optic modem into NAS (Home Hub4000)
Synology NAS (DS718 with 8gb ram, 4Tb 2 bay HD)

Using WeissDAC501 to play music (Roon Ready)

26000 tracks in library

Just started, but Roon will no longer connect to my NAS. Nothing has changed in terms of setup, permissions, etc. All of a sudden it will not access my library. I removed the folders from Roon, and tried to load them again, but they are still not able to connect. My NAS is working, I can access it and all files with my Mac mini. I can access my NAS with its IP address as well.

Roon will play my TidaL account without issue. I get the message (screenshot) when I try to ender my NAS “smb://Synology/Music”

Please help

Try: smb://Synology.local/Music
It might work.

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Worked, thanks.

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