Roon no longer finding Audio Devices on Windows clients after Windows Update 21H1

Description of Issue
I’ve run Windows Update 21H1 on two of my Windows machines. Right after the update, the audio devices on both clients were no longer showing up in Roon - neither as audio zones nor in Settings > Audio. Settings > Audio isn’t even listing the clients anymore, as if there’s no available audio output.

Everything is still working perfectly on my work computer, that hasn’t received the latest Windows update yet.

Is this a known issue? Is there any way to fix it?

Try turning off the Firewall on the updated computer and see if the devices appear. If so, then you know that Windows reset the Firewall exceptions during the update, happens all the time.

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Hey @eye,

Thanks for letting us know of the behavior you’re experiencing. @Rugby’s suggestion is awesome - thanks a lot :pray:

As a second step, could you please reboot your audio devices and Core and try to connect them again. Does that help? If firmware updates are applicable and available for any of them, please, try to update them.

We’ll be in touch :pray:

Sorry it took me a while to reply. The issue seems to have resolved itself . The audio devices are available again on both devices. I definitely rebooted both devices and my Core before posting here about the issue - but hey :slight_smile: I’ve also installed the latest Roon update on both devices, but that might be unrelated. Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your help, @Rugby and @beka!

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HI Eye,

I"ve marked your final post as the solution, and glad to hear it is working.



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