Roon no longer updating newly added albums without forcing Re-Scan after migrating to Nucleus +

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Nucleus + Firmware 1.0 (Build 175) Version 1.6 (Build 416) QNAP TS 451+ NAS, Linn DSM System.

I have just migrated from a Core on my NAS to a Nucleus +. Roon will no longer automatically add an album to my library as soon as it is imported, or make changes unless I do a ‘Force-Rescan’ every time and even then it won’t update artwork. No idea how to restart the Nucleus without just powering it down and back on again. Super frustrated and am moving back to my NAS. I have searched the forums on this topic and have seen fingers being pointed at Mac OS. Any ideas?


Hi @Neill_Strickland,

How do you have your Automatic Rescan Interval configured in Roon Settings -> Storage -> -> 3-dot drop down -> Edit (next to NAS share)?

Is there any change in behavior if you set this interval to something shorter?

As a general note, we have often found that Linux-based NAS shares are often unreliable when it comes to reporting the file changes, please see the following thread regarding this discussion:

On this point, you could use the web administration feature of the Nucleus to restart the server as an alternative to using the power button.

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Hi Noris thanks, it was set for 4 hours but making a change to that didn’t make any difference. When I check back my original core on my NAS, that option isn’t even available (see screenshot). I am not an engineer, so I couldn’t tell you what Linux is on what system…

Thanks Geoff

Hi @Neill_Strickland,

In this case, both your QNAP NAS and the Nucleus are Linux-based operating systems. I mentioned this because we have found that Linux-based NAS often don’t properly report changes to the file system, and this is a limitation of the NAS itself.

You can try @Blackjack’s suggestions from here to see if it will help, but if it does not this would be a limitation of the NAS:

Hi Noris thanks for getting back to me. Why would it work fine when the Core is on my NAS?

Hi @Neill_Strickland,

The reason why this was working when your Core was the QNAP was because you were not using it as a network storage previously, the QNAP was pointing to the local HDD inside of it.

Since the Core is now the Nucleus, the QNAP is being accessed via the network, and this is more unreliable since Linux-based NAS often don’t properly report changes to the file system.

My suggestion here would be to have a USB drive or an SSD on the Nucleus to contain the music content and keep just the NAS for Roon Automatic Database backups.

Gotcha. Thanks Noris. I’m going to try the SMB suggestion that you sent in an earlier message and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for your help, I appreciate the attention.