Roon not able to see more than one microRendu in my network

Problem with Roon not able to see more than one microRendu on my network at a time. Everything that the (MySonicorbiter) tells me is that all is well. I see both and each is running 2.5 code and I’ve tested each individually connected to both downstream DACs (one is a Schiit Yggdrasil Gen 5, the other an Audio Alchemy DDP-1). MySonicorbiter sees each DAC per microRendu and the IP addresses of the microRendu’s are individually fixed via reservation on my Eero network.

If I power down the working microRendu (connected to the Yggdrasil), and see what is listed under Roon’s networked Audio devices I find that the IP address of the listed microRendu has switched to the one that is up and connected to the DDP-1 and I can play music through it. If I power up the microRendu connected to the Yggdrasil again, it is recognized by the DAC and MySonicOrbiter, but Roon does not see it in the network. If I power down the microRendu connected to the DDP-1 then the one that I had just powered up connected to the Yggdrasil suddenly appears in Roon and awaits my command to enable it.

Seems like Roon is latching on to only one of the microRendu at a time. What do I need to do to allow both to work with the Roon server?

Just ran a software update on the microRendu connected to the Audio Alchemy. On reboot it knocked down the running playback of Roon to the other system (Yggdrasil).

Do they have the same Network name ? You can change the Network name in MySonicOrbiter/Settings/SystemSettings/Network.

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Hi Andrew. Not sure I follow. Under MySonicorbiter ( I see two headings: Music Servers and Network Players. First has no entries. Second has the two microRendu devices. No Settings shown.

Are you referring to the System Settings - Network - System Name? And if so, are you suggesting that this entry must be the same for all microRendu units on the same network? Would think this should be unique to each device.

Yes. Each microRendu should have a different Network name.

They do in my case. Have noticed that if I make any changes via the page that cause a reboot it has an adverse affect on the Roon playback on the other system. Either stops playback in its tracks or causes another bit of strangeness - trying to play music on the working system causes Roon to quickly step through all songs without playing anything. Only way to fix that is to disable and then re-enable the microRendu within Roon. Then all is well.

Almost seems as though there’s something in the data stream coming from each microRendu that Roon thinks is coming from the same device. As if it cannot distinguish one from the other. So it only recognizes one at a time and when it sees the other it doesn’t differentiate at all.

It might be informative to have both MRendu’s up and then run a network discovery protocol like Fing, to see what the network addresses each are reporting.

Did this already with Fing and the Eero app. Fing sees separate and distinct IP addresses. Eero shows the same and they match the IP reservations I’ve assigned to each.

Wondering if it is at all possible that both of the microRendu units are somehow not being distinguished from one another. Beyond unique IP addresses what else does Roon expect in differentiating among them? Would explain why there are never two entries at a time in the list. The zone name (which I assign) also never changes, suggesting Roon always thinks it’s talking to the same device!

Do they have different MAC addresses in your routers web interface ?

They pretty much have to have different MAC addresses. You would have to go out of your way to override the unique MAC layer address burned in to the Ethernet chipset.

Yes the MAC addresses are unique, as they should be. Spoofing these really would not be an appropriate action, unless you were attempting to aggregate devices for some network bandwidth parallel processing technique.

Have also raised the problem with Sonore here:
Roon just cannot seem to recognize both microRendu as Roon ready devices at the same time. Any other ideas appreciated.