Roon not able to see my wv files (32bits)

In my music folder, there are 27 albums, I only can see 16 out of them. Taking a second look, there are all the files in wv format. Can I do something to resolve the issue?

Unfortunately no support for wave pack format, as can be checked here.

You can convert your .wv files to flac using any number of available software options and then Roon will see them.
Dbpoweramp is my go-to.

Hi @Moises_Martinez,

You will have to transcode these WavPack files to a format that is supported by Roon.

dBPowerAmp may be able to do this this, see …

But I note it states that the .wv file is the lossy component… so if possible you’d do better to re rip / source them in lossless format.

This is really good software. Well worth getting if you have not already got it.


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