Roon not backing up to DropBox

Mac mini M1
OS 11.1
Roon 1.7 (710)
Kef LS50W
Asus RT-AX86U

I recently upgraded my 2012 Mac mini to the new Mac mini M1. I migrated all my music, and the Roon library from the old machine to the new machine (I forgot I could restore from DropBox) via ethernet.

Since then, Roon has not been able to backup to DropBox. It says the drive is full. When I delete some old backup folders, it is fine for a couple of days until it fills again. I thought that Roon would auto delete the older files and replace them with newer backups.

Is this a bug or did I mess something up ?

Have you set a suitable number of backups appropriate to your available Dropbox storage?

Hi @bluhska,

Adjusting the number of backups that you are keeping should be helpful here. Backup size will vary by database, and it sounds like the number of prior backups you are keeping is too much for the current amount of data stored in Dropbox.

Backups have been set to 2. And after removing some older backups, Roon appears to be able to backup now. I assume it will delete older than the two more recent backups, so that I do not continue to run into ‘disk full’ errors?

Yes, It will only retain the 2 most recent backups, so you shouldn’t run into any further ‘disk full’ errors :slightly_smiling_face:

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