Roon not connecting to Qobuz server

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus +

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Sky Q,both on Ethernet and WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

Bowers and Wilkinss Formation Audio and Formation Duo

Library Size

25000 tracks

Description of Issue

I cannot get Roon to connect to Qobuz for playback. The albums show but there is no connection to the server. This has been working as it should be. I have restarted the remote,the core,the router,signed in and out of Qobuz. Qobuz works perfectly outside of Roon

Hello @Adrian_Folland,

I’m so sorry to hear about the roadblock. We’d love to help.

When you say that you cannot get Roon to connect to Qobuz for playback, are you referring you cannot enable it in Settings → Services? Do you see an error there?

Hi,no. I can enable,disable,sign in,sign out. I have Qobuz showing within Roon,I can even click on a track and see lyrics etc. But,since the last update,getting a signal path from Qobuz to Roon to speakers is haphazard. If you look at the original post the only item that shows is the Bowers and Wilkins at the end of the process, So,if you try and play music it simply buffers endlessly. Last night I could play music from Qobuz through Roon. This morning I could not. This evening I can. It’s really odd. I have just taken out a Tidal subscription and will see if it applies to this streaming service too. Just to be clear I can play Qobuz outside of Roon,it’s just when it integrates with Roon that there are issues. My own hunch is it’s something to do with bandwidth but the problem started directly after the last update.

Hello @Adrian_Folland,

Thanks for taking a moment to detail :pray:

As a test (which should confirm or infirm your theory), could you please navigate to Settings → Services → Qobuz and lower the streaming quality. Does it work then?

Hi. Since last speaking Roon has behaved in the main. I did lose connection to Qobuz briefly last night,I shut down the remote,reopened and it worked. However,when the problem first occurred I did lower streaming quality and it made no difference. There was no signal path,all you got was the Bowers Formation. Qobuz to Roon didn’t exist. It’s on the first screenshot if you look.

Hello @Adrian_Folland,

Thanks for the update! I’ve read and re-read our conversation, and the very first time I must have missed your point (:sweat:).

getting a signal path from Qobuz to Roon to speakers is haphazard.

Can you select any of your Bowers&Wilkings as a zone, play music and open up the Signal Path? Or you can’t open it at all?

It might be worth trying to clear the cache, if you have a moment:

  • Stop Roon Server from running in the Web UI
  • Find and open your RoonServer database
  • Navigate to RoonServer/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Try restarting Roon Server via the WebUI and verify if the issue still occurs

Thanks a lot :pray:

Hi. I have Roon in four rooms set up in the Bowers app and mimicked by Roon. If there is no signal path it appertains to all rooms. I have uploaded an image together of a typical signal path when all is good.
I use a nucleus + so not sure about the web ui. Have to say not sure I really want to move database as,with my limited windows skills it could all go horribly wrong. If it came to it I would have to ask you to lead me through step by step. I still think this is somehow linked to WiFi. FYI when this all started to go wrong I decided to change the WiFi channel on a sky mini box to a setting that broadened the bandwidth. I briefly got the signal path. I reverted back to the original channel as it kept losing connection to the core and also interfered with the sky mini box connection.I lost the signal path straight away. As said all is working at this time but this behaviour I am sure will happen again. I must stress too that Qobuz streams happily through the Bowers app outside of Roon at all times. That is probably written poorly and might be confusing. If so,just ask me to clarify whatever confuses. Thanks!

Thanks for the details and screenshots :pray:

If there is no signal path it appertains to all rooms.

Just to make sure, by this, you mean that when wanting to group all your zones together and play simultaneously and synchronously the same track to all of them, there is no Signal Path?

The Web UI is a great tool that allows you to manage your Nucleus. The instructions to access it are here:

We understand if you don’t feel comfortable touching the cache file. If it comes to it, we’ll make sure to help out along the way.

Let’s rule out the network connection with a test: changing your Router’s DNS servers from the ISP provided ones to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS. Can you please give this a try and let me know if it helps?


Hi Rebeka. No I didn’t mean Multiroom streaming. I meant that if Inhad no signal path in one room on whatever device I had no signal path in a different room with a different device.
The Sky router does not permit access to dns,you can’t change it from the router. You can change the dns from things like Xbox etc but not from the router itself. I have clarified one thing which I am sure is relevant but totally confuses me. If Qobuz is not linking in with Roon switching to Tidal gives the signal path. So the problem is entirely the integration of Qobuz with Roon. So frustrating and I really can’t work it out.

Sorry for missing all that :woman_facepalming:

I’ve looped in our technical team so they can weigh in on this. Please, bear with us a little, especially since support is open Monday through Friday at this time.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Will do. It stopped working last night,and same this morning. Tidal is working as,of course,is my own library.

Hello @Adrian_Folland,

Thanks for following up and for your incredible patience still :pray:.

I’m sorry you haven’t yet heard back on this. Please, bear with us just a little while longer :bear:

Rebeka,of course I will. The problem persists,it sometimes plays Qobuz perfectly,at other times there is simply no signal path. Qobuz works outside of Roon but that is not how I like to use it. Tidal always works but I don’t really want two subscriptions and favour Qobuz as I like to buy my music and Qobuz is far more competitive here. Thank you for at least letting me know you hadn’t forgotten me!

Hi ,is there any update on this issue?