Roon not connecting to TIDAL - Help please

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For some reason Roon disconnected me from TIDAL.`When I connect back (with Tidal pw and user name), Roon still does not connect to my TIDAL account; this is new… It was linked few days ago.

Can anybody help me please.
Thanks you

First step in solving Tidal connection woes: reboot your Core machine.

I feel so stupid… it worked !!! Thanks

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Don’t… We’ve all been there. Now go fetch some tunes! :wink:

Maybe you can still help me. Roon finds my Naim NDX2 and my Sonos Play 1 ; however, I don’t manage to pair them; each play own music… Do you know what to do

You can only group endpoints that support the same protocol: RoonReady with RoonReady devices, Sonos with Sonos devices, etc.

More here:

Thanks…but Sonos being Roon Ready, I cannot pair it with my NDX2 so that both play same music in sync ?

Read it again. Roon Tested.

It also says “via Sonos streaming” so not via Roon RAAT protocol.

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