Roon not detecting any audio devices

Using my pc with Roon, its not detecting audio devices at all, blank screen, i even uninstalled and reinstalled it, nothing happend

I use a simple setup till tommorow when my portable dac comes in, currently the UMC22 from Behringer, to my HifiMan HE400i’s… Hopefully it gets fixed soon as my trial only has 13 days left lmao
I will buy the lifetime version soon though so thats dope :smiley:

Please provide the information shown in the following post plus screenshots of what you see.


There are devices connected, however roon doesnt/cant recognize them. It also doesnt show any devices what so ever in the audio tab?

Hi @Connor_Kiley,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question and welcome to our Roon Community. We’re sorry to see that you’ve had a problem getting started.

I’m checking your system diagnostics it looks like you’ve been able to enable the audio devices connected to your PC. Can you send us an update with your current status. please? If you’re still having trouble we’d be happy to jump in and help.

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