Roon not finding Cambridge Audio CXA81 Amp

hi. new to Roon and am looking for some tips to get started. go easy on me please!

I have just set up Roon on my laptop, I have a smartphone, a DAP and a Roon ready device (a Cambridge Audio CXA81 amp)

I went through the process of setting up, but my amp was not found in my list of available audio devices.

how do I get the amp to connect to Roon? ethernet is not practical at the moment and I understand wifi is not 100% reliable, but that’s what I’m going with at the moment


This is a Roon Tested device which means the inbuilt DAC will be recognised by Roon when connected via USB to your Core (laptop) or a network streamer.

If it’s not practical to place the laptop near the CXA81 then you could use a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ropieee as a streamer (Roon Bridge.)

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could I use some sort of wifi usb dongle in the CXA?

No, a dongle won’t work.

Hi Simon, as Martin suggested you can either use a Raspberry pi as streamer or you might do a further investment and get a streamer like a Bluesound Node 2i ($500]; NP5 Prisma ($600] or go a step further and might get a Cambridge CXN V2 ($1100) to match your CXA81. I actually have a CXA80 and a CXNV2, works perfect with Roon, and Roon will “see” your CXN or either of the other ones I suggested.

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hi Andres. thanks for getting back to me. could you walk me through exactly what I will need to get to stream, using the Raspberry Pi, as an actual streamer is not something I am looking to shell out for, at the moment.

I picked up a Dacmagic xs today, to hook up to the laptop and override the 24/48 output, so it is just at the amp end that I am confused at the moment

All you need is the following:

Once this arrives, assemble, i.e. put it in the case, download RoPieee and copy the image to the SD card using Etcher. Then insert SD card in the Raspberry Pi. Finally, connect the Pi to your network and the CX81 using the USB cable, and power up.

You’ll then need to open a web browser and point to http://ropieee.local to configure the endpoint.

If you need more support post here or have a look at the excellent RoPieee Beginner’s Guide written by @Nathan_Wilkes.


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