Roon not identifying Meridian UltraDAC [Solved; enabled in settings]

I have a Meridian setup that includes a QNAP running Roon (headless) and then a Meridian 861 w/ ID41 Card, and also a Meridian UltraDAC. This setup was working flawlessly. Recently went thru a home renovation and the DAC was unplugged for a long period. Now the Roon still sees the 861 as an audio zone, but no matter what I try, will not see the Meridian UltraDAC as an audio zone. I can see the Meridian UltraDAC card on the network (at the router), but nothing I’ve tried will add the UltraDAC to Roon. Tried switching the Meridian 861 and the UltraDAC thinking maybe a network issue, but nothing.

Any suggestions for what to try?

Never mind. Doh! Under Audio Settings, it wasn’t “enabled”. Good grief.