Roon not 'importing' all my itunes songs

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I am trialling Roon. It has not imported all my iTunes library. However, it idicates I have over 17000 songs on Roon whereas I have less than 10000 on itunes.

These issues (and the difficulty of posing a query) will stop me from subscribing…

Hey @Nicholas_Robinson,

Thanks for giving Roon a try and reaching out on our community forum (welcome :wave:), even if it’s not the most comfortable way :nerd_face:

You can always reach out over email as well at Our team would love to help out.

I wonder if the difference in numbers is caused by duplicates. Could you please navigate in Roon to Settings → General and turn off the toggle for Show Hidden Tracks and Albums?

Thanks :pray:

Yes, I turned that off. I am really concerned by these two things; why Roon says I have way more tracks than I do and why it can import three tracks from an album but not the other two…which happen to be my favourites…

Hey @Nicholas_Robinson,

I am extremely sorry for having missed your reply for this long. Please, accept my sincere apology for missing your last post until today :pleading_face:

I appreciate you checking off that setting. We’d love to sort this out with you, if you’re also interested. Please, let us know if you’d like to work with us on this some more :pray: