Roon Not Importing Music Files

Hi, I (have posted quite a few times, so support should know my system), am having a bit of a problem with some of my music files, and I am stumped.

I have a relatively simple setup, Windows 10 PC with all of the music files on two hard drives. I have nearly 350k files, all of them .flac, using usb through a Pro-ject S2 DAC. In the past couple of weeks, I have noticed something which may be new - many of my music files are missing in Roon, while they are on one of the hard drives.

For example, I wanted to make a playlist of Sam Phillips songs. I have all of her albums on my hard drive in .flac format, in different folders. The only things in the folders are the music files.
So…I deleted all of them from the hard drive, copied them to a different drive (not used or scanned by Roon) and then copied them back to the same drive they came from. I first copied “Martini’s and Bikini’s” back, which had NOT been seen by Roon previously. Well, I copied it in, then I saw it on Roon, under Sam Phillips. So…so far, so good I thought. But, when I copied another album in, I saw that “Martini’s and Bikini’s” had disappeared again! This is NOT just happening with Sam Phillips music files - she is just the one I am using to try to figure this issue out.

What would be making Roon act in such a fashion? I have noticed it before, but never took the time to sit down and try to make the albums “appear” in Roon. What can I look at to determine what Roon is NOT seeing. What would make the album appear and then disappear again?
Having such a big collection, it is hard for me to keep track of my music - it is what I bought Roon for. I need to get a handle on this. Any help would be appreciated.

i’d start here:

i will also add @support for you so they get notified.

Hello @John_Hill,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems importing albums. I have a few troubleshooting steps I would like for you to perform to see if we can trigger any changes:

• As @bearFNF suggested, can you please verify your Skipped Files directory in settings to make sure that Roon is not detecting duplicates of the same album?
• Can you confirm that you are experiencing the issue directly on your Core device and not a Remote that you are using to access your Core?
• Can you try to perform a “Force Rescan” on your library to see if that resolves the issue? I have attached a screenshot below of where to navigate to find the “Force Rescan” option.
• If “Force Rescan” does not enable you to find those albums can you please “Disable” and then “Enable” the watched folder (in the same menu as Force Rescan)

  • I would also like to request information on how the file path is looking like for one of the tracks in the missing album. The file path information can be accessed by navigating to a track in your library, pressing the 3-dot drop down menu and selecting “View File Info”. It should look something like this:

Please let me know if those steps yield results otherwise I can suggest additional steps to try and resolve this issue you are facing.