Roon not launching after update on Windows (ref#1556SK)

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This morning I received an update message. After running the update Roon will not launch.

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Running on a dedicated dell windows pc.

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Cary DMS 500

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Comcast via Ethernet

I also encountered the same issue.

@Mark_Streich - Do you have the Roon Server installed on your Dell PC, and is it running?

The Roon software is now split into two components: Roon (the UI) and Roon Server. You should see both shortcuts on your Windows desktop:


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No, I do not have RoonServer. How do I get download that?

Can you clarify: what gave the update message? Windows or Roon?

If it was from Roon, then the Roon Update should have installed Roon Server as part of the update process.

Roon Server is no longer a separately available download from Roon Labs - it comes bundled with the Roon download.

If the Roon update process has not worked, then I suggest you download Roon for Windows from the Roon Labs download page and re-install.

Roon - Downloads


Thanks Geoff, Roon gave me the update notice. I followed your advice and reinstalled. Everything seems to be working now. Both the Roon and RoonServer icons are now showing.

I have the same problem … when I try the Roon download page and try to re-install I get the repeated error message.

Help !!!

Ok … I found an instance of Roon Server running so I killed that and then I was able to re-install. Question … previously I had Roon pinned to my taskbar. What do I need to pin Roon Server to the taskbar too?

Ok I figured it out. I had to delete the previous shortcut and re-pin the Roon app. You don’t need to pin the Roon Server app. So I think there should have been some explanation to users about this change. So when I do run the Roon Server app??!?

By the way … everything seems to be working again.
But this has been the messiest update process I have ever encountered, as usually my updates proceed flawlessly.

Yeah I understand that … by why have we been given 2 shortcuts then … Roon and Roon Server. By running Roon everything is working as before so I can only assume that Roon will activate Roon Server???

My main point is that there should have been some PRIOR notice to what people will get when they activate the UPDATE.

Prior notice is always given in the Software Release Notes:

It appears as though the update process did not proceed according to plan in your case. For the small subset of users where this happens, there was a link to the troubleshooting steps provided in the release notes for 2.0.25.

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Thanks for this … but it doesn’t explain the two shortcuts we get: Roon and Roon Server. If we just run Roon Server, what does this do?

In Windows, every application that is installed has a shortcut created an placed on the Desktop by the Windows installation process.

In previous releases of Roon, Roon Server was part of the Roon application, so when you started Roon, Roon Server was started as well. Now they are two separate applications, as explained in the Release Notes.

If your Roon Server is running elsewhere - e.g. in a Nucleus, or on another PC or Mac, then you don’t need to start up Roon Server on your PC, only Roon, which will connect to the remote Roon Server.

You are running your Roon setup with Roon and Roon Server on a single PC - so both programs need to be running.

Roon Server can be set to startup automatically for you when you log into Windows - as explained in the Release Notes, so you only need to open Roon to access your Roon system.

You run Roon server if you want to use your Windows computer as a Roon server. If you don’t want to use your Windows computer as a Roon server, don’t run the Roon server program. This is independent of the Roon program you run if you want to use your Windows computer as a Roon client to control a Roon server either on the same computer or another computer device.

I use my Windows11 PC to run Roon core. Roon Server? Please explain … previously I thought in running Roon I was using my PC as my Roon Server?!?

Please read the Release Notes:

Change requires change, AKA “Roon Core” is dead - long live Roon Server.

Yes, you read that correctly. As part of these changes, we’ve decided to retire the term Roon Core in favor of wording that more accurately reflects the key aspects of our Windows/Mac software optimization changes.

The old all-in-one nature of Roon Core is no more. Roon’s control functions and Roon Server may still be bundled together in a single install, but they now function independently. Roon Server runs as a separate background process and continues to run when you close Roon.

As of today, no matter where you run Roon: macOS, Windows, Linux, or Roon OS (on Nucleus or ROCK), the core software piece driving your system is Roon Server. With that, we’d like to thank Roon Core for its long-standing and loyal service - and reintroduce it anew as Roon Server. Hail, hail, Roon Server!

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