Roon not launching on Mac

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro 2017 with touch bar, 2,9 Ghz Intel Core i7, 16 Gb RAM

Description of Issue

I use a 2017 Macbook Pro as Roon core. Some days ago I uploaded from Mojave to Big Sur and since that Roon will not launch anymore. I get the window with the icon for some seconds, as always, but just when the app is about to open (I get to see the main screen for half a second) it crashes down. I’ve tried rebooting the Mac and updating the OS, and nothing.
I’ve read in other posts that a way to solve this is by deleting the “Roon” and “RAATServer” folders in Library. But I’m doubtful about doing that, since I wouldn’t want to lose all the settings (rooms’ profiles and EQs for my different setups) I’ve gathered over the years.
Help, anyone?

These are stored in the Roon database, so after reinstalling Roon a DB restore (from a DB backup) would get them back.

That’s said, I would recommend renaming those folders, just add .odd to them.
Then if all goes wrong you can revert back to current state.

You should of course already have taken one DB backup, but I’d recommend at least two to be safe.

Hey @fedocable,

I’m very grateful for your patience and for getting in touch to let us know what you’ve been experiencing. We’re so sorry we didn’t get a chance to reply right away…it’s been a little over three weeks. Please, accept our sincere apologies :pleading_face:

I wanted to check and see if there was something we could help with now :nerd_face: . Would you please let us know?

Thanks Rebeka. Roon is working flawlessly now.

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