Roon not outputing in lossless


I am running Roon on a Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 and it appears to have stopped outputting in Lossless format and is only has output in high quality (AirPlay). How can I get Roon to once again output in lossless to my Linn Sneaky DS?

Thanks for your help.



If using AirPlay, it is lossless only with 16 bit audio. Any MQA, DSD, etc., will be downconverted at high quality for transit over AirPlay.


Is DS streaming working for you ?


Thanks for your replies.

My Roon and Linn Sneaky DS set up has been working fine since Roon started supporting Linn DS players. I have been getting lossless playback up to 192/24 when streaming Tidal and from my NAS via Roon.

I have been away from home for a couple of weeks and came home yesterday and when playing some music noticed something wasn’t quite right. That’s when I saw that Roon was outputting in AirPlay. I can get lossless playback when using Tidal and Linn Kazoo directly, but not via Roon.

It would appear that something, such as a setting in Roon has changed, but I can’t find a setting that allows me to change it to lossless playback.

I did try uninstalling and reinstalling Roon, but still only AirPlay output.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Can you share a screenshot of the Networked section of Settings > Audio, like this::

Hello @Steve_Robinson,

Could you try fully power cycling (remove power from wall) the following devices and reporting if you are able to see the Linn Sneaky DS in the Audio > Settings screen after everything has booted up again?

  1. Roon Core
  2. Router, including any switches or access points that lay in-between the Roon Core and the Sneaky DS
  3. Linn Sneaky DS


I’ll give it a try, but why would it change to Airplay in the first place? And how can I change it back without restarting everything?


Roon is still only outputting in AirPlay (High Quality) only. How can I change it back to lossless? This issue is driving me insane!!

Help please.