Roon not playing some hi res files from qobuz

Roon Core Machine

Macbook pro 10.13.6 2.2 Ghz intel core i7 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

bell high speed fibre optic internet on wifi using nord vpn(computer)

Connected Audio Devices

Benchmark Media DAC3 HGC connected by USB 2.0

Number of Tracks in Library

20895 tracks

Description of Issue

Some albums from qobuz only play in 16/44, even though they are listed as 24/96 hi res
eg. The Koln Concert by Keith Jarrett
If I play from the Qobuz app it plays in 24/96, but if played through roon it streams in 16/44
Although other track steam at the stated resolution, up to 24/192

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Hi - I already have this as 16/44 in my library, but notice that Qobuz lists two copies, both supposedly at 24/96.
However, if I play them through Roon, one plays at 24/96, the other at 16/44, so I think their labelling is incorrect.


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Thanks, I,ve tried deleting the album, and then re-selecting it again, but I don’t believe two options were shown. I’ll try again.

Hi again - I’ve just run up the Qobuz app on my pc, and that shows two versions too - both listed as 24/96, but one plays at 24/96, the other at 16/44, so in this instance at least, the error is on Qobuz’ side.
Do you have other examples I could take a quick look at, in case Roon is causing some of your problems?


No, for now that was the only one I noticed.

If I go on Qobuz, I see the 2 options, but Roon only seems to give you 1 option

That’s strange. In Roon, if I go to the ‘versions’ tab I see two, both, as I said, labelled as 24/96 when only the top one is when played:-


Great, thanks, found it.


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