Roon not playing tidal. Only plays some radio

Roon Core Machine

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Using LUMIN d2 streamer. Running Roon core from my laptop. Direct internet cable into my LUMIN.
This is not first time ROON JUST CUTS OFF ANS NOT LET ME PLAY SONGS. very bad. I can only listen to a couple radio stations. Not tidal or songs. When I try to play songs they show up on LUMIN display but do not play. Says "playback error " . So mad haven’t listened to music in 2 weeks trying to figure it.
I also cut everything off all points are reconnected . Nothing . This cost too much many to have such problems all the time. Please help!!

This all sounds like network issues.

Can you complete the support template to better help others to try and assist you.
Thank you

Roon core machine - Mac laptop
Streamer-LUMIN d2
Riga integrated amp
No tracks in library

I think the network part is going to be the most relevant information required ATM.

Are all devices hard wired and not using WiFi?

Hard wired

I am sorry for not knowing but what is network gear?

I can play tidal through tidal on my phone only

So no one can help me cause I am not an audiophile?

@AceRimmer was asking you to fill in the information in the format above with more information so that Support, and other helpful users like myself might have some idea of what to suggest. For example.

Roon Core Machine

You mention a laptop, but, what is the make/Model, how much RAM, is your laptop on WiFi or is connected via Ethernet.

If your laptop is connected via WiFi, then that would be the first change to make and connect it via Ethernet and see if things work better.

Thanks that helped a lot your explanation.

It’s a MacBook Pro 2015
8gb 1867 mhz DDR3

Router-ASUS DSL-N16 300mbps ( ether net cord is plugged directly from router to LUMIN d2


Amplifier - Riga Aethos

I have always used my laptop freely without it cables to the LUMIN d2

Back of LUMIN d2

If you are using WiFi with the Mac, your WiFi is far from good enough.

The Mac has to be connected to the router by a network cable. Turn off WiFi from the Mac.

Then reboot the Mac, and power cycle the Lumin.

I don’t have an adapter . I will get one tmrw and see how that works. Why do u think the Roon machine worked all this long most of the pandemic ( 2 years ) with having to be plugged direct into router?

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