Roon not recognizing a BlueSound Vault 2i as a storage device

Core is a Nucleus connected via Ethernet to an ASUS RT-N66U router.

BS Vault (still adding albums, only 500-600 so far) also connected to the ASUS router using Netgear PL1200 Ethernet by electrical line adapter thingies. I disabled the Security feature on the netgear adapters thinking that could be interfering but Roon still doesn’t see the Vault as a Storage device.

Roon plays through the Vault just fine, it just doesn’t see it as a storage device.

All of this is fairly new, so Roon has never recognized the Vault as storage only as a way to play music.

Hi @Randy_Tornquist,

When you try to add the Vault as a watched folder what happens? Do you receive any errors? What path are you entering in?

When I go into Storage and Add Folder there is nothing listed. I don’t speak computer so if I have to somehow tell Roon where in the network to look for it I will need someone to hold my hand for the process.

Hi @Randy_Tornquist,

You will need to add your Vault 2i as an SMB share in Roon. Please see our Add Folders By Path guide. This entails going to your `Roon Settings -> Storage -> Add Folder -> Add Network Share -> Specify SMB values for your Vault 2i.

You can specify the share either via IP Address or Hostname. Do note that connecting via IP is generally more reliable, but the IP address can periodically change when the router assigns it a new one (typically every 24 hours), so if you decide to use IP Addressing, I would look into setting a Reserved IP Address for your Vault.

To note: All blue links above are click-able.

OK, seem simple enough. But how do I know what the SMB values are for the Vault? I had already been as far as the Add Folder function but then I don’t have the info available to go any further.

Hi @Randy_Tornquist,

Bluesound provides instructions in the first link I posted:

Instead of cifs, you’ll want to use smb at the start.

OK, first, sorry for making you tell me twice. It’s just I don’t understand this stuff so I didn’t immediately recognize what you linked the 1st time as the first step.
So I found the Vault in Finder and clicked into Get Info, but all it says is Network and when c/p into the Add Folder path Roon says Invalid pathway.

If I use IP Address I will need to reserve a static address to prevent frequently having to respecify the path right? Is there another way to get the location info that may actually work?

Hi @Randy_Tornquist,

You may be able to use the Hostname to connect the Vault, I would try \\VAULT\Music_folder_name in Windows Explorer first to see if this works and if it works you can try that in Roon. Otherwise, you will need to specify the IP address of the Vault and I would suggest reserving it in your router configuration.

I GOT IT! Thank you for the (mostly) patient replies.


Hi @Randy_Tornquist,

Glad to hear it, hope you have an enjoyable Roon experience!

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