Roon not recognizing music files from my Glyph external HD or my PC [Resolved - Cable issue]

I’m having (great) difficulty getting my Nucleus to recognize ripped CD music files I want to transfer from my Glyph HD to my Roon Nucleus. I’ve tried connecting the Nucleus to the PC but the files are not showing up anywhere. I have the music on both the PC and the Glyph external HD. This should be a slam dunk. But not with Roon Nucleus. When I check the Nucleus with my iPad there’s nothing on the “Storage” page. I’m also not seeing anything on the File Explorer of my PC. There’s no exchange of info between the Nucleus or the PC. Maybe if I just go direct from the HD to the Nucleus? Man, I hate being so computer illiterate.

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Have you shared the music folder on the PC as in this guide?

I tried to share it. I was doing fine. I was going step-by-step, clicking where and what I was supposed to click. Then I came to where you tap the button in File Explorer that says “Share” and it was grayed out. I just love when that happens. Dead in the water. So, now what? I’ve run out of options.

Share some screen shots

I have a very shallow working knowledge of computers and I don’t know how to do a screen shot.

I’ve gone through all the sharing steps on my PC File Explorer. I think I need to find the “address” of my “Music” file. Roon “Storage” wants it in the following format…\host\share. Or, smb://host/share. I don’t know where to find these? Am I supposed to type something in the address? What is a host? I am a total newb at this.

If you follow the steps in the link I shared. Step 6 shows you the path that you type into roon.

I’ve done that and tapped “Share.” It went through but I still don’t see anything in Nucleus. I’m controlling Nucleus with my iPad. The music is stored on both my PC and external HD. When I go to my Nucleus > “Settings” > “Storage.” On the next page do I tap + Add folder? The next page asks…“Choose music storage folder.” Then, do I tap + Add network folder? The next page at the top says “Add network share.” Under that > Network share location. What do I type in there and where do I find it? Then Username and Password. These are the basic questions I need answered. I’m a total novice at this.

Yes that where you go and you type in the equivalent of the screen I just posted the path in the red box.

How the heck do you copy and paste on an iPad?

I typed in the link you gave. I think it went through! Where do I look to see if the files transferred?

OK. Basic principals.
What you have done is shared to the nucleus where your files are on the pc. So everytime roon wants a file the nucleus can see the files on the share you created and goes and gets one and streams it to your audio equipment.
It’s like giving your neighbour a key to the house and whenever they want coffee they come and help themselves, sort of.
As long as the nucleus and the pc are powered on then music can happen.

Given your comments you seem to want to copy your music to the nucleus. That is a different method. Before we go there, which way do you want to work?

Good!! But how do I choose a ripped CD to play from my transferred music file in the Nucleus? I don’t see any ripped CDs. I just want to be able to play ripped CDs with good sound quality.

Not sure what you mean…"Which way do you want to work.?

It’s working!!! It was the cable. I’m going direct from the HD to the Nucleus. Finally!!

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