Roon not seeing any device

All of a sudden Roon doesn’t see my Bluesound Node 2 and Sotm SMS-200. I only see system output in my zone list. Yesterday everything worked fine and I changed nothing in my setup. The Node plays fine via the Bluesound controls, both over UTP and wifi. The Sotm SMS-200 is reachable via my browser on the same pc as the Roon Core.

I’m running Roon 1.6 build 416 on an AMD2600x/16gb, windows 10 connected to my router via wifi.
Sotm SMS-200 is connected via wifi.
Bluesound Node 2 is connected via utp.
Used to work pretty flawless for the past months.

Although I did have some drop-outs of the Sotm SMS-200 before due to wifi range issues, the Bluesound Node 2 never dropped out before. I find it very strange Roon can’t see them both, whilst both devices seem to be functioning properly. I already did a reset on the pc with the roon core. Also restarted the roon player on the Sotm SMS-200. Didn’t help.

Add on: checked windows firewall and bitdefender, both allow full acces to Roon and Raat.

Hi @Wouter,

Have you tried rebooting your networking equipment? If not, can you give that a try and see if there is any change?

Between when this was last working and now were there any changes? Any Windows updates or anything?

If you disable your firewall on the Core machine temporarily is there any change here?

Thanks for the quick reply. A simple reset of my modem/router brought back the Bluesound Node.
Fiddled a lot with the routers settings to also get the Sotm back, nothing helped. Ultimately returned all settings to how they were, did another reset… and now Roon is completely blind again.

Bluesound app still plays fine, even via a wifi group with a wireless speaker . Sotm is still reachable via it’s UI. And I am sending this reply from the same machine the Roon core is on… so wifi+internet in general seems fine too.
I’m lost.

Add on: resetting the modem/router does something. But I have no clue what that something is. Did another reset of the router… and that brought the Bluesound Node back in view (again). But somehow the Sotm remains out of sight. Every device in my house seems to function fine, except for the Roon software.

Thanks for giving that a try, @Wouter.

Since rebooting the router appears to be making a slight difference, I think that we should focus a bit more on the networking setup so we can better understand why these devices are not becoming available to Roon.

First, can you describe your networking setup? What router is in use? Is there any other networking gear in use?

If you connect everything via Ethernet instead of using WiFi is there any change?

My network setup is not ideal, but at the moment I have no time to change it. I’m using a H369A modem/router that came with my internet subscription. It is connected via utp to a Bluesound node 2, which in turn is connected to a Bluesound pulse via wifi. That setup is working fine both via the Bluesound app and Roon.

At the moment the Roon core is running on my main desktop, which is 2 floors away from the router. It is connected to the network via wifi only. I will free up some time in a few weeks to replace it with a dedicated NUC and a wired connection. I would like to solve the current issue before that.

The Sotm SMS 200 is connected to my home network via wifi. I can reach it via the browser of my desktop. I updated the firmware today, but that didn’t help. So in windows I have no problem to reach the Sotm, but Roon still doesn’t show it. That happened out of the blue yesterday, before it worked fine. Is there a way I can tell Roon where to look manually?

In the meanwhile I was browsing the forum for other topics regarding issues with Sotm and found a tip to look under settings/audio/networked… And sure enough: it was still listed there, but set to disabled. Weird! I didn’t do that, I didn’t even know the button was there. My problem is solved.

It might be a good idea to rename that ‘audio’ tab to something less generic.
Some suggestions: ‘devices’, ‘sources’ or ‘audio network’. That way one would actually look there when having problems with hardware.

Add on: I also might have found the reason why Roon set the Sotm to ‘disabled’ all of a sudden. I got a new DAC a few weeks ago. This one is not supposed to be left on all the time… opposed to the one I had before. When I turn the DAC on/off, the Sotm streamer appears/disappears from the zone list. I think that process goes haywire every now and then, causing Roon to set it to disabled.

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