Roon not seeing any of my Raspberry Pi streamers after update to Roon 2

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini.

Everything worked fine until I upgraded to Roon 2.0. Now, none of my streamers are seen by Roon. I tried rebooting the Mac mini that houses Roon 2.0 and each of the streamers. I use a combination of Volumio OS, Roipieee and Hifiberry. They all worked fine yesterday. Today they do not.

Roon does NOT see any of them under Settings, Audio, so this is not a simple Enable situation.

Please advise.

Have you restarted your network? Power down everything, and then bring up the modem / router. When this is operating (it may take a few minutes), turn on any switches and Wi-fi hotspots. Then turn on your core, followed by endpoints.

What version of RoonBridge are they running. There was an upgrade to RoonBridge that was required for Roon 2.0 compatibility.

I will try that this evening.

I upgraded RoonBridge on my laptop. I have never installed it directly on any of the streamers. I merely installed the OS for the Pi – HifiBerry, Ropiee, and Volumio (which requires a Roon plugin).

I’m running the 20220826 update with hifiberry and it’s working with 2.0.
This update was a bit stubborn and I had to force it manually a few times to get it to take.
Maybe check if yours is updated?

Martin, I took your suggestion and now I am up and running fine. Thanks again.

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Thanks. I got it working last night.

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