Roon not seeing Drobo or Seagate external attached drives

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Late 2015 iMac, Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1, 8GB ram, 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5

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My CD collection is ripped to 2 available external hard drives, 1. a 2TB freestanding Seagate and 2. a Drobo 5c with 9TB capacity. Formerly, Roon watched the Drobo for my CD’s and displayed them accordingly under Albums. Not sure when the problem occurred (after an update?), but now I only have my Tidal collection displayed in Roon. When I go to “storage” under settings I see this screen:

When I select edit on either of those external drives, I get this screen:

Each of the external drives says “error loading folder - unauthorized”. The iMac HD lists 1 folder titled “sentinel”. I do see the drobo drives attached to the iMac

My question is how might I get Roon to see those external drives, but especially the Drobo, which worked fine in the past.

Thank you

Give sufficient permissions. Look into this other thread, does it help you to find the place where to give them?

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Very good! Thanks for the response - problem solved.

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