Roon not showing all Iron Maiden albums available on Tidal?

Just continuing with my trial period, I’ve found out that, when using Roon (connected with Tidal), not all Iron Maiden albums show up. I can only see my own iTunes-based library plus a few live Iron Maiden albums/compilations from Tidal.

Any explanation?

Favor them in Tidal app, then sync in the Roon app.

If you look at an Artist, there is the first section of albums labeled “Main Albums”. Those are the albums in your library. As you scroll down there is another section labeled “Main Albums” which are those albums in Tidal/Qobuz which are not in your library. If you own the album and it’s in your library, it will not appear among the albums from the streaming service.
This get’s a little more complicated because some versions of the same album may have different releases (like with extra tracks), and some EPs are almost albums.
I won’t try to explain why it’s done that way, but I’m imagining that is what you are seeing.

Hi @ricgf,

Can you share a screenshot of what you see on the artist’s page?

What is the region for your TIDAL account?

Yes; it is what I am seeing indeed. Which is terribly annoying, since several IM albums on Tidal are MQA-certified and I wanted to check the sound difference between them and what I have.

The irony of it all is that, because my IM collection is almost complete, Tidal on Roon only shows me the very few I do not have and/or they may have tagged differently.

Here they are - I am currently in Europe, but this does not matter since the standalone Tidal app shows every IM album (though the same does not happen when loading Tidal within Roon).

You should still be able to do that. If you click on any of the albums which have different versions, then click on the Versions tab, you will see the various versions which would include different bit rates and MQA.
AFAIK, a version is different than a release. One release can have various different versions, such as Redbook, 24/44 and MQA. Two releases of the same album could both be the same bit rate but mastered differently or have additional tracks. I have Qobuz, not Tidal, but if I add Book of Souls I have one Iron Maiden in my Main Library and 26 Iron Maidens in Qobuz (there were 27 in Qobuz to start). If I click on that album there are two versions, one 16 bit and one 24 bit.

Thanks for the details, @ricgf.

As mentioned, you’ll want to go to the Versions tab of the album if the album already exists in your library in some form. Here you’ll be able to find all available versions of an album.

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Tks, Dylan - will give it a try and come back in case there are problems.

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