Roon not showing new Qobuz album

Why aren’t all the albums in Roon displayed by Qobuz? For example, Happier Than Ever from
Billie Eilish not found. At Aidirvana it works perfectly!
What’s going on with you - do you want to lose your customers?

The album was released on Jul 30th. It takes a while for the necessary dump of metadata to occur, see

Thank you for your prompt reply! I didn’t know that, but it’s a bit strange, sometimes the albums are implemented immediately.

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While that is true, this time its the Qobuz server issue Roon has. The album is released on Qobuz. Even if it doesn’t show up in Roon, if you favorite in Qobuz it will sync in Roon. I’ve done this multiple times. Sometime yesterday or today the old issue with the missing Qobuz albums has started again for some users, including me.


Okay, thanks for the info and good luck finding a solution.

If Roon continues with only Tidal lousy MQA and Qobuz with its multitude of problems , I will be using it less. In fact, I already am with Apple lossless.

Reviving an old(ish) thread with new frustrations!

2 new albums that are available on Qobuz app but not yet on Roon. Nothing unusual, apart from the fact that it’s now 5 days after release. Never known it to take quite so long. :frowning_face:

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@SukieInTheGraveyard I’m not sure why there was a delay in Qobuz getting this metadata to us, but both albums are now live on our servers.

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Thanks Joel. I listened to the Cleo Sol album on the Qobuz app and it was so good that I couldn’t resit purchasing it over on Bandcamp. I like to do my bit to support artists every now and again!

I’m listening to the Orla Gartland album as I type.

Happy days all round! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Odesza’s latest album is available on qobuz, but doesn’t show up in roon. :confused:

If I had a pound for every single time a post like yours popped up on a Friday… I would be a VERY rich man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Roon need a but of time to sync with streaming services and their new releases on Fridays.

Give it a couple of days and it’ll show up.

A workaround which does not work every singe time is to add the new release in Qobuz or Tidal and manually sync Roon with streaming service.


That’s lame. However, I bought the album which I would’ve done anyway since I love Odesza.

Not lame. It’s just how it’s always worked.

Ai rabdare :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Depends when we get the metadata from the streaming services. TIDAL delivered the metadata for this album in advance and it’s available in Roon now. Qobuz didn’t this time.


That’s what I meant to put across but not in your words. Done it so many times, I’ve run out ways to phrase it :rofl:

Cheers Joel :+1:t2:

Why does it rely on the services sending the metadata in time and not just query their database in real time?

I’m not and I don’t wanna be patient. This is a premium software. I expect to be able to listen to my music the moment it gets released.

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Oh well…

Nothing’s perfect and this old horse has been beaten to death.


I expect that’s not going to happen. Listen using Tidal or Qobuz if you can’t wait. Roon never promised real time, at once, synchronization of new releases with streaming services.

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I would still to understand the reasoning behind this dependence.