Roon not starting, or taking forever to start on Windows PC

Anyone else having any issues starting Roon in windows since the second last remote update? Before that it always opened no issue for me as soon as I clicked it, now it takes about 30 seconds to open, if it opens at all, sometimes I have to click on it twice to get it to open. I have done a full re-install of Roon on my PC and it didn’t fix the issue. Issue is only on PC, running Roon from my iPad still works great.

Windows 10(64) PC i7/16G ram. Remote version 2.0 Build 1148 (64bit)

Yes I have same issue on a windows 11 pc. I have also reinstalled with no Joy.

I have the same. Found the reason in AVG randomware protection.
If I disable it, Roon client is starting fast.
If you use Avast or AVG try to disable it.

interesting, I have had Avast for over 10 years, and had it running with Roon without any issues until now. I just disabled Avast as you suggested and ROON started right up! … is there a way to fix this? was it a change in ROON that triggered this issue?

I amusing avast one, and disabled Ransonware and started up right away without issue. I cannot see where can put Roon on exception list.

I put Roon and Roon server on any exception list I found. But it did not help.

I have extactly the same problem, I have Roon server installed on windows 10 and Avast installed. In the last few days the core was “invisible” for clients. If I disable all Avast protection the core become visible again. After connections I can enable again avast protections and Roon still works. I tried adding exceptions without any luck. I tried to selectively disable single protections since I found that the problem is ransomware protection. Adding Roon server to Ransomware exceptions doesn’t help but only disabling of the ransomware protections. The problem is that I don’t like to have that protection disabled and it’s boring enabling that after connection or maybe I could forget about doing it. It’s strange though that ransomware protection of two different antvirus software (avast and AVG) lead to the same problem

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Hello All,

Thanks for the reports. Please refer to Avast’s guide here on how to add exclusions to their software:

The Roon Database location is as follows on Windows, you can post this in Windows explorer header bar and it will hotlink to your Roon install: %localappdata%\Roon

More information can be found here:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! Tried this before and it didn’t work. Tried again now following your steps, seems all good now.

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