Roon not starting up

Hi, I replaced my computer yesterday and Roon will not start up on my new machine. (2018 iMac pro/OSX High Sierra) it says “Logging in” and just stays working like that.
The old machine (2013 MacBook pro/OSX High Sierra) will still open Roon without a hiccup. i logged out, and then logged back in.
@support if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you

did you do a clean OS install or did you clone the old mac or did you perhaps import the user to the new mac?

or perhaps you did a clean install then recovered a backup of your database when setting up roon asa the “core on this mac” the new imacpro

which steps you took could cause cause issues so explaining how you got to roon on the new mac will be a big help.

Hi, yeah sorry i guess i should have specified that.
I imported all my data from a Time Machine backup, then just tried to log into Roon once everything was done importing.
Thanks for responding

Hi @kirk_magrum ---- Thanks for sharing the behavior you’re observing. The feedback is appreciated!

Do you have any Roon Backups that you can restore on your new machine? Restoring a backup should get you up and running.

Time Machine is not supported by Roon, and we advise against using Time Machine to make backups of your live Roon database. As mentioned in the KB article above, it is advised to set a scheduled backup and then use Time Machine to make a backup of the RoonBackups folder



Thanks! i made a backup to NAS, and then loaded the backup onto the new Mac! appreciated