Roon Not Streaming to Apple TV 4 [Resolved - Build 233]

An issue with streaming to Apple TV seems to have developed today as it worked fine yesterday. Receiving the ‘Device Requirements’ message on Apple TV. All apple requirements are met but it won’t work.

Did you update to tvOS 10.2 by any chance? This may be related:

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Poooooop. Sure seems like the issue. Looks like automatic updates for Apple TV were on and it’s now on 10.2. Thanks for the info, didn’t realize there was an update. Now I wonder if there is a way to roll back to 10.1…

Likewise. This is very disappointing. I have 3 Apple TVs in different locations in the house, which (as of today) won’t work with Roon. I can still play music through Plex, which does not use airplay. But Plex is very far behind Roon for playing of music.

@support any comment?

With luck, maybe this will trigger the development of an Apple-TV-specific controller-bridge Roon app? Personally, I’d love to have access to a controller app for Apple TV - but I also understand that the UI might not be all that easy to port - as there’s not much of a mouse and/or touch equivalent available.

FWIW, I’d happily pay a relatively substantial one-time fee for such an app - certainly $40, maybe more. I wonder how many others might also be willing to do the same?

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Hey guys – we’re going to look into this. Sounds like the latest version of tvOS includes a new requirement, and we’ll need to investigate to see what’s possible.

For now, my advice would be to disable automatic updates on your tvOS devices, and avoid 10.2.

More news as soon as I have it, folks…


Wow! Apple at their finest again.

Hopefully someone will have 10.1.1 downloaded so iTunes can be used to restore. I went looking on my Dev account and it’s no longer available for download.

I could downgrade my AppleTV from 10.2 to 10.1.1 with iTunes a few minutes ago.
(Alt-Click on the restore button and select the 10.1.1 ipsw file)
I grabbed the restore image from a site I found via google.
You just need a USB to USB-C connector cable to do this.

this requires you run the plex app on the atv, right?

[quote=“danny, post:13, topic:23626”]
this requires you run the plex app on the atv, right?[/quote]
That’s correct. I have a Mac mini that runs a Plex server and a Roon server 24/7. A plex app is installed on the Apple TV, which can retrieve and play movies, TV shows or music from the Plex server.

Plex is fine for movies and TV. But it is a bit deficient for music playback. No gapless playback, for a start. But it is my only choice at the moment, as Apple seems to have killed the Roon airplay connection.

I don’t want to try to roll back to TvOS 10.1, so I will live with it for now.
My main hifi system is connected to Roon via a microrendu, so is unaffected. But I have an Apple TV in each of three bedrooms that get used quite extensively to play movies and music. All three were updated and will no longer connect to Roon via airplay.

RoonBridge for ATV could be an interesting thing… hrm.

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A RoonRemote would be interesting as well… :wink:
But I guess you are facing the same limitations as the iOS version regarding audio playback?

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This is sad.

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@crieke, if the Roon iOS app doesn’t violate Apple policy, why would an Apple TV app do?:smirk:

If you did update your aTV, as of right now you can still downgrade. The aTV 5,3 is still signing firmware 10.1.1.

Firmware signing status can be found here:
Direct Download from apple can be found here: AppleTV5,3_10.1.1_14U712a_Restore.ipsw

@Jingxi_Tang: I was not talking about violating the App Store policy. I was referring to the audio playback issue on iOS devices.
As the tvOS and iOS share the same base system and development tools, I guess the same playback limitations apply here as on the iOS app (until Xamarin has a fix for its development tools).

Thanks for sharing the link. I think I get what you mean, the limit is iOS or TvOS can’t be used as endpoints. I noticed this while I used Roon on an android phone and found it can playback on the device. However I do wish Apple TV can be used as a remote device(control playback on MicroRendu). Having a big screen showing the artwork and control playback is cool.


Isn’t the issue the source not being a certified something or another? If so I assume the issue only happens from a Windows or Linux roon core? It would be interesting to know if Roon core running on macOS is also have the same issues.