Roon not syncing with my Qobuz albums


I was using Roon with Tidal but I have received a free trial of Qobuz so wanted to try it out. I have been having soo many problems. I favorited a bunch of albums in Qobuz (around 500) and my roon only showed 186. I’ve tried refreshing the page, I’ve tried unfavoriting everthing and stating again but it is still not showing lots of albums. I have no problem with Tidal it works perfect.

Hi @Thomas_Preece — Sorry for the trouble here!

If you add a Qobuz album to your library in Roon does that work okay?

If you go to Settings > Services and choose Qobuz does it show that syncing has completed?


At the moment I seem to have fixed it. I uninstalled Qobuz from my PC and reinstalled it. Now it seems to be working. I was able to add within Roon before but I find it is quicker to add in Qobuz

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