Roon not working in portrait mode on iPad Air and iPad Pro 11

Why is it not possible to use Roon in portrait mode?
When I use the iPhone there is a portrait mode!
It is very annoying when changing between roon and other apps always to turn the iPad. Because I prefer to use my iPad in portrait mode. Only when I move to Roon for example to change a track or to change volume I have to turn the iPad, that is not very user friendly.
It seems that there is a solution on iPad Pro 12,9 but unfortunately not on my iPad Air and my iPad Pro 11 (Roon not working in portrait mode on iPad Pro [Solved - Update Roon to 1.6]).


It doesn’t work on an iPad.

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Yes it does, I have portrait mode on my 12 inch pro!

An iPad not iPad pro as the OP said.

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Right. But I think the question, which is a legitimate one, was WHY doesn’t it work, which shouldn’t necessarily be dismissed with a curt “it doesn’t”. If I had to guess, it’s probably because the aspect ratio of the larger pro is 4:3.3, rather than the 4:3 of the other iPad models.

I would think portrait mode on all iOS devices would make for a good feature request. There’s also a missed opportunity to have the iOS app support the Glance functionality, so we could swipe Roon in from the side while doing something else to quickly change a song, or have it render side by side in a 2/3, 1/3 scenario. This glance layout would need to render in something narrow, like portrait, similar to the iPhone app layout, to work within the available space.

So add to the existing requests.

Why? Not enough pixels. I can’t answer for Roon Labs as to why they decided the iPad app needed 2048 pixels across, but they did, and the 12.9” iPad Pro is the only model that meets that spec in portrait mode.

This may not be the answer that you want…

I’m have the same frustrations with my iPad (6th gen).

I bought it solely to use as a roon remote, not knowing I’d be forced to use it in landscape mode.


I am so tired of this issue and ROON’s inability to function in Portrait mode. Jesus its 2019. Every iOS developer in the planet can make apps work in Portrait mode.
More amateurish I have never seen


++1 !
No reason can justify this :frowning:

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+1 . I’d love to be able to use Roon in portrait mode. Annoyed I can’t.

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Major oversight in the iPad app. Nobody uses their iPad in landscape all the time. Would be nice to browse music, control Roon and switch back and forth to other apps (like a web browser) in a normal fashion.

Please work this change into an update. The whole premise of iPad apps or apps in general would be they work in both orientations for the device unless it’s a game that’s specifically made to be played in one orientation. There’s no reason this app shouldn’t be used in portrait or landscape. Very limiting. Step it up.

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Obviously, the Roon developers don’t agree. Personally, I don’t think Roon would be very workable in portrait mode.

I’m not sure how it wouldn’t be very workable in portrait orientation… there’s plenty of screen real estate. Roon is fully workable on an iPhone screen several times smaller in portrait mode.

The point being, it would be much preferable if it operated in both orientations rather than having to rotate back and forth when switching between apps. To each their own I guess. I personally rarely use my iPad in landscape mode other than watching video or if it’s on a desk with the keyboard. Handheld and casual use I hold/use in a book fashion. I’m sure a lot of other users do as well.


Please add a request here:

Guess I’m an oddball. I always use my iPad in landscape mode. :smile:

Roon is perfect in portrait mode on an iPad Pro 12.9”.
I wouldn’t use it any other way.

I use a windows tablet, 90% in landscape, it’ depends on the aspect ratio of the tablet

I’ve chosen the iPad mini 5 because it’s light :wink:
I would love to be able to use it in portrait, hopefully it’s small enough to be fine in landscape …

Roon doesn’t work on potrait mode for 2019 IPad Mini