Roon Not Working Smoothly with NAS any help?

My Nas not work smoothly is got stuck ANY SOLUTION ?
The Nas is Synology DS212J
When i play direct from the Ds Audio or from device is work perfect.

Thanks !

I don’t see how that should ever work. The DS212J is not supported. Please have a look at the requirements to run Roon on a NAS.

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Thanks !
after roon updated is work but not every music file.
the DS718+ with X2 of 2T SSD will work with every file ?

Thanks Again!

If you just want to use it for storage it should be sufficient.
Should you want to use it as a Roon Core it still doesn’t meet the requirements. You might be able to use it, depending in your needs, but don’t expect it to do any advanced processing (hint: DSD up-sampling and convolution filters). Read also: