Roon not working with Qobuz

I have a problem with Qobuz - recently started a trial but Roon fails to load any Qobuz tracks.
I receive the message

qobuz playback was interrupted because a file failed to load

Can anybody help with this?

Happening to me too. There is a thread. Has anyone contacted Qobuz?

There are lots of threads on this…we are all waiting for Roon to do something

That is difficult

Paul, I coudnt;n succeed

This is correct but should really say Roon and Qobuz.

Whether you like it or not or even want to accept it, if there is a problem with the Qobuz servers to Roon I’m not sure how anyone thinks Roon can fix that on their own.

Now step back a little and look at when these Qobuz/Roon problems are occuring.
Mostly the weekend…stands to reason if you think about it IF it’s a server overload problem.

Hey @Dean_Mullin it sounds like you were experiencing an issue, along with other users, related to Qobuz files. We released an update about this about 2 weeks ago, you can read more about this here: Qobuz Playback Interrupted Update.

Qobuz was able to fix the issue, so you shouldn’t experience any further issues related to this. Let us know if that’s not the case- we’d be happy to help.

Thanks! :blush:

Thanks yes, working well now. Thanks for the quick response to the issue

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