Roon now highjacking iPad volume since update

Brilliant, works like a treat.

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Excellent workaround, thanks!!

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Awesome. Problem solved!

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Could you expand on this a bit. Thanks.

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I decided to try this solution, and didn’t find it entirely straightforward, either. Here are directions for iOS 15. Hopefully it’s similar for earlier versions.

  1. Locate and open the Shortcuts app.
  2. If you don’t see an Automation choice, but you do see < Shortcuts at the top of the screen, click it.
  3. Click Automation.
  4. Click Create Personal Automation.
  5. Scroll down the New Automation screen until you find App, and click it.
  6. Click Choose, next to App.
  7. Find and select Roon.
  8. Click Done at the top.
  9. Select the radio button for Is Closed.
  10. Deselect the radio button for Is Opened.
  11. Click Next at the top.
  12. Click Add Action.
  13. In the search bar, type: Volume.
  14. Select Set Volume.
  15. Adjust Set volume to to the appropriate %.
  16. Optionally turn off Ask Before Running.
  17. Click Done at top.

Hope this helps others. :slight_smile:


I just restarted using Roon. This is probably already mentioned but anyway, it is mentioned this is made to make zone volume control by the hardware buttons. The volume of my zone is not volume controllable as I guess it is such a common case with external DACs. So there is no point of using hardware buttons, but opening the Roon app on iOS, stops the already playing (through bluetooth paired headphones) background audio/video stream in iOS (even though I never play something with Roon app on my iphone, only using it as a remote control) and then when app is closed the volume is set to zero. This is such an unacceptable not a well implemented feature that causes a bug, how it is even passed the QA.

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This sounds like a different issue to what is being discussed here, you should consider raising a ticket in the support category.

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I think they are related but OK I will.


After these instructions I got it to work on iOS 14.1, a new field of activity has opened up for me, thank you.


I spoke too soon - this fix really doesn’t work for me, at least not with Sonos endpoints. In my case, I always want the volume on my iPhone to be muted. So I created an automation to reduce the volume to zero after closing the Roon app. So yes, I open the Roon app, start something playing in a Sonos endpoint or group of Sonos endpoints and I can control the volume using the iPhone controls. When I close the Roon app, however, the device volume goes to zero (as expected), but Roon is still connecting the device volume in the background, so the volume on the Sonos endpoint goes to zero. And I can still control Sonos via Roon even though the app is closed.

So this isn’t really what I want, obviously… I want to open Roon, be able to control the endpoints, and then when I close Roon, the device should go back to whatever it was previously set to and not control the endpoints. This is actually how the Tidal app works, btw, which is perfect for me.

So Roon, can you please make your app work like the Tidal app does? Or at least make it an options in settings…


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Thanks very much Jeff. Worked like a charm. My volume was dropping to zero. This will prevent missed calls, and messages.


I was trying to figure out why the volume on my iPhone keeps getting set to zero on it’s own. It turned out to be the Roon app. Whenever I launch the Roon app on my iPhone or iPad, the volume will be set to zero. If I try to set it in the Roon app by choosing iPhone as the playback endpoint, the moment I choose another endpoint, the iPhone volume goes to zero. I have not figured out a way to fix this.

I have discovered that Roon will set the volume on my iPhone or iPad to the same volume level of the last endpoint volume used. If the volume of that device is set to fixed, the iPhone volume will be set to zero. If it is set to software volume control at 100%, the iPhone volume will be set to 100%. If my last chosen endpoint is my Sonos Play 5 with volume at 44%, my iPhone volume will be set to exactly 44%.

I tried disabling the iPhone as an endpoint in the Audio settings but it does not help.

Hi, The fix that works for me, as there is no Roon release that resolves this as yet, is to create an Automation in iOS that when you close the Roon app the volume is returned to a preset level for other apps.
In my case, all my endpoints are fixed volume, so opening Roon just mutes the iPad/iPhone volume, which is very annoying, as it is not returned. To the point that I had to delete Roon on my iPhone and stop using it as I was missing calls, notifications etc that uses sounds.
I have the automation fix on my iPad, which is just acceptable while we continue to wait for a Release with a proper solution to this issue.

It needs a solution as the ‘Lock Screen controls’ method using Airplay controls hijacks other iOS functions for something that is just meant to be a Remote control App, such as “You are using Airplay to stream from your iPad to an AppleTV, in the background. You can continue to use other iOS Apps while this is streaming, including other System Automation control apps. When you open Roon, it kills the AirPlay stream even though in Roon none of the endpoints are set up to use Airplay or the iPad as an endpoint. For me Roon is just a Remote control app with no involvement with any Airplay stream or any playback on the iPad.”

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I have not tried the Shortcuts hack yet. I believe you can solve the problem with iPhone notifications by disabling the “Change with Buttons” setting on the iPhone under “Sound & Haptics”. I have mine disabled and I still get alerts and notifications even with my iPhone volume at zero.

I thought I could fix this by removing the iPhone as an endpoint in the Roon settings but it does not and I am curious why this is so.

I had hoped that if I deleted the remotes off my ipad and iphone and reinstalled them things would go back to normal. They did not.

This problem has been fixed with the latest Roon update! :partying_face:

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I can confirm that the update fixed the volume issue. Yay. Thanks Roon.


Thanks for your patience everyone! This is indeed fixed now.


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