Roon iPad app dangerous with full blast volume

Roon Core Machine

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Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Connected Audio Devices

Several, but the one that’s causing me issues is the Denon Cell Piccolo, on AirPlay

Number of Tracks in Library

Many, not relevant

Description of Issue

I was playing some tunes over UPnP on my recently acquired Denon Ceol Piccolo. I also wanted to try it out using Roon, so configured up the DRA-N5 AirPlay unit. I shouldn’t have done that!
Next second volume was automatically adjusted via the Roon app to absolute maximum. The UPnP sourced music almost destroyed my speakers before I had located the remote and adjusted it down.
This happened again and again until realized it was the Roon App who was pushing volume to the max through Airplay. (The playback from UPnP was persistent and I think there was a struggle for source selection on the Ceol.)
It was not until I very cautiously adjusted the Min/Max volume settings for the zone that I even dared to have the Ceol running simultaneously as the Roon app.

Previously I have seen the other side of this coin, which is the Roon app killing the volume on the iPad/iPhone causing me to miss notifications and calls which almost as annoying as this scenario.

Come on, other manufacturers have solved this, of course Roon can and must fix this immediately!

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The following link may be of interest, there is a known issue affecting iphones/ipads

There are a number of reports but little feedback from @support so far, even if not the cause of the problems it’s worth knowing.


Thanks for the link Paul, i am aware of that thread. I decided to start another one rather than pile away on that old one.
I was kinda ■■■■■■ about my nearly destroyed speakers and needed to vent a bit.

Understood, been there & waiting for an effective outcome (impatiently) :roll_eyes:


Hey @Mikael_Ollars,

Thanks for taking a moment to share the way this unresolved (for now) issue has been impacting your experience. It sounds like it was so close to damaging your speakers — we are terribly sorry…:pleading_face: and thanking our :stars: that it didn’t actually ruin anything.

While we’re working on this, setting device volume limits would be a great idea: that will insure that sound won’t go above a certain level.

We’ll keep everyone updated on that main thread :nerd_face:

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Hi Rebeka,

This won’t help unfortunately.

Would be nice given no one bothered to update us since September. Nor sure Roon understand the dangers of this bug.


Hey @RBO,

You are absolutely correct — sorry for having missed that — volume limits wouldn’t help :pensive:

Please, keep an eye on the thread as updates will be shared there as soon as we have them :nerd_face:

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This a bad bug, I got my ears blasted, and my tinnitus was way worse for a couple off days… :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:


Just curious, still, any progress on this bug, maximum volume is still happening?

Hi @PixelPopper ,

There was a fix related to this issue back in December 2021, and several users said it helped them:

We are looking into and issue with Roon volume going up in the following thread:

If you are still seeing this issue, can you please let @benjamin know the details in the linked thread? Thanks!

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Hi @noris my ipad was definitely going to 100% (limited by volume settings). Every time i reduced the volume to 0 on closing the Volume slider “frame” the volume jumped to the maximum limit, this happened quite a few times until I closed the app.
I am not able to reproduce the problem at present but have had a couple of iPadOS updates since.

i’ll look out for the problem and report to @benjamin should it reoccur.


This isn’t fixed. Still goes to 100% when minimizing the app. Frustrating and dangerous

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