Roon nucelus timing out while downloading storage files

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucelus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Luxul router

Connected Audio Devices

USB connection to Seagate Expansion drive 16 TB model STEB16000400
T+A SDV3100HV pre amp/dac

Number of Tracks in Library

259,436. There is approximately 13.09 TB of music on my expansion drive.

Description of Issue

This unit is new purchased July 25,2022. During the storage process it begins to slow down after importing approximately 80,000 tracks. After that it only stays up for approximately 3 minutes before timing out. It took approximately 8 hours to download the 256,436 tracks and once it was finish it would not stay up for more than 3 minutes before timing out.

I think you need more than the standard 8gb memory for that size of library.
Surprised you weren’t recommended to buy a nucleus+ actually.

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Hi @andrew_soto,

I agree with @ged_hickman, for quarter of a million tracks you should double to RAM to 16GB as a minimum.

Doing so will help with the crashing… but it may stilll be a little sluggish at times which is why Roon recommend the Nucleus + for libraries over 100,000 tracks …

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