Roon Nucleus+ does not appear on network

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus+ (revB) out of warrenty. Motherboard model - NUC717DNB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Araknis AN110 router, AN510 Access points, Windows Surface laptop

Connected Audio Devices

Meridian 210 endpoints

Number of Tracks in Library

Tidal connection

Description of Issue

Client moved house, and on setup of the nucleus, it was not available to the app, visible to IP scans, or in the routers DHCP table. Client mentioned that, before the move, it would randomly go offline and after a day or so show back up, Usually after an update or reboot.

A few days later it was available online, and visible for about a day.

After 2 weeks of it being unavailable we brought it back to our office and set it up on the test bench. It looks like it’s doing a rolling restart.

Nothing shows up on the monitor when plugged into either of the HDMI ports, but screen message will alternate between there is a signal and there isn’t. Also, i noted that the port on the switch will go dark every few minutes.

I have also tried the network reset with and without the screen connected, no change to the above, and I have tested the Powersupply with a multi meter and it is showing 19v

Is this a terminal hardware fault? or is there something i have missed?

I’m afraid the symptoms are likely to be caused by a hardware issue. A few questions:

  • Was the Nucleus+ purchased from a dealer or direct from Roon Labs?
  • Is it still within the 2 years warranty?

If purchased from Roon Labs, and within warranty, someone from the Support team will respond here and initiate an RMA.

It’s early morning … :slight_smile:



It does sound like hardware issue to me:

So you don’t get the Nucleus’s bootup text message when the screen is connected?

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Yep, sometimes one needs to wait for the coffee to work :rofl:


The monitor shows a signal but there is nothing on the screen, then the signal goes away, then comes back again.

The Nucleus was purchased from the Australian distributor in 2019. I might have to get it sent to them.

If you have a spare SSD, you might try swapping out. Those seem to have a somewhat high(er) fault rate. Best of luck; it’s no fun chasing down hardware issues.

Thanks. What is the process to reload the OS onto a new SSD?
Is that documented anywhere?

The process is a manual one.

  1. Install a new M2.SSD in the Nucleus
  2. Install ROCK onto the SSD. If Roon and Roon OS come up and run, then the issue was the old SSD. If not, then there’s a motherboard problem (which will be an expensive repair via your dealer).
  3. Assuming the new SSD has fixed the issue, contact @support.
  4. They will remotely change Roon OS from the ROCK version into the Nucleus version (which is required for the fanless design of the Nucleus).
  5. Enjoy your music again.
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Side question, @Geoff_Coupe : if one has a fanless ROCK, can one obtain the “fanless OS” from Roon? Or is that strictly for Nucleii?

Strictly for the Nucleus models…

Having said that, I’ve been running ROCK’s Roon OS in my fanless NUC for 5 years now without problems…

Hi @Scott_Sauer,

@Geoff_Coupe provided the proper link. Just start with step 3 and ignore the fact that it’s instructions for ROCK. Message me directly when the process is done. You’ll know it’s done because the unit will function as a core, and the Web UI will be accessible via your web browser via the IP. Once you message me, we can flag our update servers to switch your unit from ROCK to Nucleus.

Please note, if you’re unable to get ROCK to install we are likely looking at a hardware issue that will need to be addressed by your dealer. If this is successful we’ll save you some time and money and that’s our goal!


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