Roon Nucleus, Emotiva RMC-1, Dragonfly USB DAC

Core Machine

Nucleus Plus

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Audio Devices

Emotiva RMC-1 processor

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Description of Issue

Just want to know if it would improve the sound if I plug in a Cobalt Dragonfly USB DAC to the back of my Nucleus? Would this over ride the DAC in the RMC-1? I am very interested to try if it makes any sense.

Probably best if you give us more info on what you are trying to achieve and on what sort of budget.

The dacs in the Emotiva are probably better then the DF perhaps but how is the RMC connected now? USB DAC input?

personally I use a Lumin D2 via balanced in on the XMC-2 or via a RPi with IQAudIO DAC Pro Hat (or similar) and RopieeeOS as an endpoint. The Lumin wins hands down but its 20x more expensive.

There are many options in between - but a streamer on a network connection will be preferable using RAAT / Roon ready and of course there are much more expensive streaming/dac options too.

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