Roon Nucleus HDMI ports not playing in my Sony Bar HT-ST5000 HDMI post IN

The first time that I connected the Roon Nucleus to my Sony Bar HT-ST5000 thorough the HDMI ports out/in played well. 2 weeks later, it started to play and stop…choppy to the point it is unbearable.
When I see the DEVICE SET UP , I see weird settings that CANNOT be changed:

VOLUME LIMITS IS Min 0 Max 0 Comfort 0 and on the other roon endpoints it is 0 to 100. When I try to change this, it always goes back to 0 and 0. i THINK this is the issue…right? maybe???


Hello @Edwin_Romani,

Thanks so much for letting us know of this issue. We’d love to help! Would you please share a screenshot of Device Setup?

As you’ve discovered, you can find it by clicking on the gear :gear: icon next to the device in Settings → Audio. Please, make sure to expand the pop up window by clicking on Show Advanced.

Thank you :pray: