Roon nucleus incorrectly identifying MSB PROISL usb

Roon Core Machine

roon nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

asus router connected over ethernet no vpn

Connected Audio Devices

setup is roon nucleus connected to an MSB PROisl usb moduble over usb from the back of the roon nucleus

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

The roon nucleus will not let me pass DSD “natively”, to the MSB when using the PROISL module. The only options are to convert to PCM or pass over DoP. It also limits the maximum dsd at DSD256. If i connect the PROISL to my work PC and use the roon software on my work PC it lets me choose to send dsd “natively” and at DSD512. I believe the nucleus is not correctly identifying the PROISL and its ability to accept native dsd as well as the higher DSD512.

I would imagine that Linux on the nucleus is the limiting factor. MSB say “up to” in their descriptions.
You’d be better contacting them and asking what the limits for generic core Linux are.

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