Roon Nucleus is off line

My Nucleus+ is off line and I don’t know why. It was working fine on Saturday and then Sunday it could not find the core. I turned it off to no avail. Help

Two things to check while you’re waiting for a member of the Support team to respond to your request:

  • Can you access the Nucleus+ via the Web Administration Interface? Check if your router has the IP address of your Nucleus+ in its list of devices in the home network, and put this address into your web browser.
  • Can you attach a monitor or TV to (one of) the HDMI connector(s) of the Nucleus+? What does it show?

I have not been able to access the Nucleus + via the internet. I am using the IP

When I use my finder and choose go to server it say’s nucleusplus is unavailable

I can use my Mac as a core but the Nucleus+ seems dead. What can I do?

Still no Roon or what’s more irritating on one from service has contacted me? Is this anyway to run the ship? Anyway I typed in the up address of my Nucleus and it’s still spinning. It said if that happened to let them know,

@Steve_Child you need to do this.

I did and it said no signal

In that case, your nucleus is broken and you need to RMA it. Contact your dealer, or wait for Roon respond here if you got it from them.

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Hopefully my audio dealer is taking care of it. Thanks for your help. I figured it was kaput.

Hi, @Steve_Child, sorry to hear about your troubles, I notified our support staff about your case.

Sorry to hear about these troubles you are having.


Thanks Ivan. I have 2 Nucleus+. I have 2 homes. This one is in Idaho. I have contacted the dealer AudioWorks sent them the serial #.

Hey @Steve_Child,

Thank you so much for being this proactive :pray:

It turns out this would be the best next step — contacting your dealer — as the logs point to a failing internal drive.

Thank you so much :pray:

@Steve_Child, note that the drive that is failing is the storage drive, not the boot drive.

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I’m not sure what that means boot vs storage? Bottom line it doesn’t function. The dealer I purchased the Nucleus is Audio Works. I sent them the serial number. Do you want me to send it in for repair or return it and get a new one?

Hey @Steve_Child,

Returning the unit to the local dealer is the best next step; they will be able to assess the situation and let you know if a repair or a replacement is best in your case.

When it comes to internal drives, your Nucleus has two SSDs: the “boot drive” is the one containing and running the Roon software. The “storage drive” is the additional (and optional) internal drive meant to store your music library.

Danny was explaining that the failing drive is not the one running RoonOS, but the additional drive meant for storing your local library.

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