Roon Nucleus+ Naim Muso 2 and Eero network

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Amazon Eero Pro 6 - 3 node mesh network

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Mu-so 2

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Roon cannot communicate with Muso 2 after changing wifi network to Eero.
Roon Nucleus+ is connected over ethernet to the master Eero node (that in turn is directly connected to the Master Network Router supplied by Virgin Media to link to the internet)
The Muso 2 is close to the second Eero node - but in addition to using wifi (Airplay) - I have linked the Naim Muso to the second Eero node by an ethernet cable.
The Nucleus+ is linked to the network with an IP Address of
The Muso 2 is linked to the network with an IP Address of
The Eero app shows both pieces of equipment being live on the network - and each item can function on its own - so I can send signal from the Nucleus+ to Roon ARC in the car (!) - and I can use the Muso 2 to stream internet radio stations such as Classic FM or Scala.
Any ideas please? I know Roon and Naim Muso can be tricky from other posts - and the third digit of the IP address being different may be causing issues - but I do not know how to change this (!).
All your collective wisdom out there will be very much appreciated - its driving me nuts!!
Many thanks, Chris

Those are two different networks, 192.168.0 and 192.168.4.
Make sure that the Eero puts both devices on the same network, i.e. where xxx is the same number for both

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Hey @Chris_Thompson
Have you tried to power cycle your entire network, all eeros?

Hi @Chris_Thompson,

@Suedkiez is correct. The two different subnets will indeed cause communication issues. Everything that needs to talk to each other (with regard to Roon) will need to be one the 192.168.0.x network.


Many thanks everyone.

I am now communicating with the eero customer support team to seek their advice on how to ensure all my devices on the mesh network are on the same network - whether that be 192.168.0.XXX or 192.168.4.XXX - I haven’t a clue why there are multiple networks - but I now understand every device needs to be on network one in order to talk to each other - not confined of course to Roon and the Mu-so 2 - also needs the iPhone on the same network, computers and printers etc etc etc! The joys of configuring wifi networks - who knew?!! Appreciate the support and advice from you all. Many thanks. Chris


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