Roon Nucleus not seeing internal drive storage or playing Qobuz after latest software update

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Roon Nucleus with pre-installed hard drive

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Linn Akurate DSM and Sonos

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After updating to latest software version today The Roon internal storage has disappeared from the web interface, and my library is not visible. I can successfully log in to Qobuz and it shows albums in my library, but when I select to play tracks will not start.

I have rebooted, power cycled, reinstalled OS and restarted server, and reinstated database and settings - no difference

Hi Nick

Sorry to hear about the trouble. Can you plug up monitor/ keyboard to see what the device is displaying?

You mean to the Core? Might take me a while as I don’t have one to hand…

Sorry, meant Core. I have sourced a monitor but don’t have a USB keyboard

*Sorry I meant Nucleus

Yep, I mean attach it to the Nucleus. That way you can see and relay what is on the screen, as it will hopefully give some clue.

Actually after about 4 hours it re-appeared! I did nothing else. The Qobuz issue was solved with a router re-boot

It might have been the last update yesterday. Glad to hear it is working for you now. Enjoy the music!

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