Roon Nucleus not visible on network after switching home broadband provider

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Roon Nucleus + (rev B)
iOS 15.0

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Just switched home broadband and now can’t see Core when launching Roon remote on my iPhone.

Tried plugging monitor to HDMI and keyboard to USB to reset network but no content displayed on monitor.

Any suggestions
Choo Ng

Hey @Choo_Yen_Ng,

We’re so sorry to hear your Core cannot be accessed on the network.

Could you please let us know if there are any lights at all at the back of the Nucleus, and if so, what colors they are and whether they flicker?

Could you please send us a photo of the external monitor connected via HDMI to the Nucleus?

Are you able to access the Nucleus Web UI?

Thanks :pray:

I lost power to the my broadband router due to a surge that tripped the fuse box. Router back on working but I now cannot see my Nucleus on my network.

Orange light at the back is on and constant; green light is on and blinking. I have turned off firewall on my Mac which is running the Roon remote as well as the firewall on the router.

Mac can see my router and Nucleus is connected directly to router with ethernet cable.

Can you help please


Have you rebooted your Nucleus?

I have turned it on and off a few times. Is that a reboot or is there a specific way?

Hi @Choo_Yen_Ng ,

If you turn it on and connect the HDMI output, do you see anything displayed? What did you do last time this error happened to correct it?