Roon Nucleus + powers down after two minutes after upgrade

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Plus
Version 1.0 (build 254) production
Ron Labs Software Version 1.0 (build 12)

Hi have been running my Roon Nucleus + for three plus years fine. Today after clicking upgrade on Roon from iPhone, received message “Uh uh, somethings not right” My Roon had shut down.

So I powered it back on and confirmed I could see the localhost admin screen.

Since the upgrade failure the Roon will now only start up for about two minutes before it shutdown with the light in the back turning off.

I’m guessing this is a hardware failure because of the auto shutdown. But it appears to have happened after an upgrade so could be software.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All networking is on 1GB ethernet plugged directly into a Linksys Velop router.

Networking does not appear to be an issue as I can connect to Roon over ethernet and I hear the Roon accessing my NAS briefly before it shuts down.

There are no connected audio devices.

My music library has at least 30,000 tracks. I’ve lost count.

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Hi @Damon_Haley,

I’m sorry to hear about your issues. I wish it were an easy fix but I think we need to observe the behavior in real-time.

Is it possible for you to connect a monitor to it and see if you can observe the powering down happening on screen? I just want to be sure that it’s indeed a hardware problem before we go down that road. If it’s still failing, please send me a private message with the completed template below (don’t post here!).


  • Where was the Nucleus purchased?
  • What was the Nucleus date of purchase?
  • What model Nucleus is this?
  • What is the serial number found on the bottom panel?
  • What is the best contact email address for you?
  • Where and who will the unit be shipped from (shipper’s full name and full mailing address)?
  • Where and who should the repaired unit be shipped to (if different from the ship from address)?

I had exactly the same experience this morning after being prompted to update to latest operating software. I have a Nucleus+ which repeatedly turned off, with an audible click. Although the white power light went out, the Ethernet light remained on.
Fortunately after an hour or so of repeated crashes, I appear to have a stable system again (currently up for nearly three hours). My impression was that the software update didn’t fully download initially-I saw the update notification two or three times. I’m hoping I’m now ok but my experience suggests issue is software rather than hardware related.

Wes, I sent you a private message.

Here is the error I’m getting.

unmount: can’t unmount /roon/app: Device or resource busy
unmount: can’t unmount /roon/data: Device or resource busy
The system is going down NOW!
Sent SIGTERM to all processes
mDMNResponder: mDMNResponder (Engineering Build) (Sep 21 2018 14:28:52) stopping
Sent SIGKILL to all processes
Requesting system power off

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