Roon Nucleus switches off after some time

Íˋm User of a Roon lifetime license and bought for that a Nucleus. In general everything is Fine, but unfortunately almost every day the Nucleus is breaking down after around 3 hours of listening. Than the Nucleus is also not accessible via the URL. Only chance is to disconnect from electricity and after that he works again, but ethics is super annoying. Anybody with similar issues or even better, with a solution or guess why this might happen?
Thanks already for some response and feedback on that issue.

That’s not right and support will be along to diagnose it. Did you buy through a dealer?

Ethics has always been my Achilles heel, also. :laughing:

Tagging @support.

Auto correction…I love it…ethics was this

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Yes, I just thought that I ask here beforehand…might be I just made something wrong…

I have the „small“ Nucleus and Ím using it with a Linn Selekt DSM via Ethernet. As remote using iPhone and iPad. Music is stored on an internal SSD. Roughly 100-200GB of Music stored.

I would go back to dealer as Nucleus is supposed to be dealer supported. But roon support will be along too…

Hi @Arkadius_Seidel,

Thanks for reaching out to us here and sorry to hear about the difficulties. Can I please request some more information from you so that I can better assist?

  1. What is your network setup like? Can you let me know the model/manufacturer of the router, any switches, range extenders, powerline adpaters, ect?

  2. You mention that the Nucleus is not accessible via the URL, can you confirm that this is via the Web UI in a internet browser? When you try to access it this way, it does not load?

  3. Where did you purchase your Nucleus from? Did you buy it from a dealer or from an online source such as Amazon? If you bought it from a dealer can you please let me know the dealer info?

  4. After 3 hours of listening, what do you see on your Roon Remotes? Does music playback stop or do you get presented with the “Choose your Core” screen? Does this same behavior occur only on the iPhone or does it occur on computer Roon Remotes as well (if you have any in use)?


Late reply due to traveling…but now the feedback to your questions:

  1. Network via a AVM 7490 Router. Nucleus is connected with a Ethernet cable to a Ethernet hub as well as the Linn Selekt. Hub connected via cable to a AVM repeater 1750. Repeater via WiFi to the mentioned router.

  2. yes, not accessible via web UI. Not loading.

  3. from a Dealer. What do you mean with dealer info? Name? Itˋs a german dealer who ordered it at the official importer for your devices.

  4. Both is happening. Music stops and while opening the app it shows the canˋt find choose another core message. Only using iPhone and iPad. On both similar issue.


Do you have your AVM 1750 in LAN Bridge mode? That is, is there an ethernet cable connecting it back to your AVM 7490 router?

From your description, it sounds as though this is not the mode you have, but in pure wifi repeater mode. While you do have your Nucleus and your Linn connected together via an ethernet hub (switch?), which in turn is wired to the AVM 1750, it does mean that internet streaming is at the mercy of the quality achievable by your wifi network. This may be unrelated to your issue of the Nucleus apparently falling off the network every three hours, but I thought it should be mentioned.

What are you using for your ethernet hub/switch?

Hi @Arkadius_Seidel,

As @Geoff_Coupe suggested, I would try to simplify the network a bit to see if it will help with stability. By this I mean, can you please plug your Nucleus into the router as a temporary test and verify if you experience similar issues? It is possible that something is going wrong with the repeater/hub and I would like to remove these from the equation for the time being.