Roon Nucleus to Mytek Stereo192-DSD-DAC over USB 2.0

There is a Linux driver for Mytek Stereo 192 DSD USB 2.0 function, as we have it in our Lumin U1 (Mini) products and we have customers using this combo. However, the old driver or the hardware it based on is not quite perfect for today’s generally accepted Linux requirements, there are quirks and some workarounds necessary. In our implementation it can only be detected at boot time.

Even with this driver the maxmium rate for Linux playback is still DSD64. DSD128 cannot be done using it due to DoP requirements.

A customer told me he found using the AES input to sound better than the USB 2.0 input.

@Michael_Mowery thanks for your reply. It seems I am not the expert you are.
I do not understand why you want me to pick a wireless transporter? Where for the same amount of money I could buy a top class new DAC? What are @Kris_K @BoyZonderman and @Michael_Mowery using with Nucleus?

If Roon team is unable to get drivers updated, i would be considering either a:

1.RME ADI 2 DAC ~USD 1000
2. Benchmark DAC 3 a little more expensive at USD 1800.

Thank you in advance for your directions.

The driver will not be updated. I can guarantee you that regardless of what support says. It’s just the nature of tech business and “cost” of old devices.

I wasn’t able to sell my Mytek for a decent price, so I bought Allo Digione Signature as a transport with a coax out to Mytek but this means I have an extra box and two extra power supplies that I didn’t want to have.

The choices you list are both great and depends on what other features you need.

For me the ethernet streaming is one I would prioritize (in addition to in my case balanced out, optical+coax+usb in, 110-240v power input, and a remote with source selection), and I also want Dirac so I would buy now the miniDSP SHD (

Without room correction I would buy the Matrix Element I (

And if I was into listening to with headphones, especially mixing IEMs with “big” cans I would get the RME because of the EQ functionality it has.

The benchmark dac3 is great, just that the others offer more for less money.

@Kris_K thanks for your reply.
Excuse my lack of knowledge but why would i invest in streamer when i have just invested in Roon Nucleus that offers the same steaming features? If I read you well, the benefits would be that I can keep the Mytek DAC? Yet both of your recommendation (which look awesome) cost around USD 1000. Should I simply get a new DAC for USD 1000?

The only features I need are:

  • Basic DAC feature at 24 bit, DSD & possibly MQA (for what its worth)
  • USB connection for the DAC to Nucleus
  • Tos Link for TV

I have the LAN on Nucleus…

Hi, I should have explained more. I was saying that if I could start from the beginning (or sell for a reasonable price my Mytek192 and the Allo streamer that I already have) I would buy one of the two. Both of the recommendations have inside the single “box” a DAC, a Roon compatible streamer, headphone amp and a preamp, so I could get rid of some of my box clutter that annoys me. Streamer is good if you decide to put the Nucleus in another room for whatever reason.

For your requirements, assuming you want volume control on the DAC, there is zero reason to pay more than for Topping DX3 Pro v2. And of course sell the Mytek.

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it is very nice you support the mytek with the luminary’s U1, Peter.

the lumin U1 is the “hit” I was talking about, I think together with snakeoil OS the only two Linux distro’s that support the mytek.

This would be my choice too, or the Matrix Element M, Khadas Tone board, RME ADI 2 FS or Benchmark

Right now I’m using a Matrix X Sabre Pro MQA.

@Kris_K what linux distro are you using for USB 2.0 support with the mytek?

Great info :+1:

Thanks for enlightening me with Topping @Kris_K . They have a d90 coming out soon. Balanced capabilities seem to be a better pair with my YBA integrated amplifier.

as I mentioned earlier the Mytek is a dead end, it’s is by the grace of a very few products that it is supported right now, but with quirks.
The ESS9016 dac inside the mytek, is ancient right now and IMO it would be foolish to throw money at.

the Matrix Element I is Roon compatible (and in the process of being Roon Ready certified) just connect it via Wifi or Ethernet and forget USB and drivers all together. For MQA you could go for the Element M.

for topping info and user experiences, you can go to there is a big thread about the D90 and DX7 pro. biggest difference between those 2 is AKM 4499 and ESS9038 pro dac chips and the DX7 pro has headphone out.

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Thanks for all that… really valuable. It seems my heart is going towards the D90! answers all my needs and budget! One last question, Topping not being referenced on Roon website, am I sure that the Nucleus will recognize it?

I was merely trying to help you be able to play your old Mytek. The best advice has been given and as you suspected is to upgrade to a newer DAC that will work with your nucleus. Look on Roon’s website for Roon ready and Tested Equipment.


If you’d like MQA there is a MQA capable D90 around the corner.

im not sure if ROCK recognises the D90

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D90 uses XMOS XU208, that would make me think it would be recognised.

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what is the Rock? another term for Nucleus?

Roon has its own Linux distro that’s called ROCK Roon Optimized Core Kit. it is the OS that runs on the Nucleus

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@BoyZonderman, I don’t, I have given up on USB from Mytek. 1.1 is popping and 2.0 I never got to work.

Thank you for clarifying it, I almost got worried that I missed a possible solution :grinning: I really loved that dac playing dsd!