Roon Nucleus+ Voltage

Dear Sirs,

I’m from Brazil and intend to buy an Nucleus+ to use in Brazil.
The nominal voltage in my city is 110/127/220v. I would like to know if for occasion of the purchase I need to inform about the voltage in order to use in Brazil with no problems.
Let me know the exactly procedure for this.

With best regards,


The switch mode power supply that comes with the device will work at all voltages. You just need to provide the correct power lead if the right one is not delivered

Hi @Antonio_CArlos_Tonelm,

The power adapter that comes with a Nucleus accepts input voltages from 100-240v/50-60Hz. The “head” connector is a removable piece, and you would need to replace the head with a plug for your country, but it should work as expected otherwise.

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